10 Items Every Female Traveler Should Have

Being a female traveler, whether you travel solo or in a group, is one of the most rewarding experiences! You get to see places others might never get the chance to! You can meet new people, share stories, and make new memories all at once. But exploring the world takes careful preparation and planning, to ensure you’re ready for the unexpected (which always happens while traveling). So I’ve done some of the work for you! I have narrowed down the top 10 items every female traveler should have!

A Travel Dress Fit for Adventure

In certain countries, depending on the local customs, women have to cover up certain parts of their body. But that doesn’t mean what you wear needs to be heavy or uncomfortable! For female travelers, I suggest packing a light, and comfortable dress that is easy to pack follows the customs of the local people. We may be biased but our absolute FAVORITE dress for traveling is the Adventure Dress, handmade to order by female artisans in Indonesia!

A Scarf with 1000 Uses

I stand by this statement: bringing a lightweight scarf or 2 is a must for a woman exploring the world! Scarves are so versatile and are great for life on the move! They can help shield you from dust in dry countries, will cover you up during local church visits in modest countries, and can also act as a towel, face covering, blanket, or dress in a pinch!

A Set of Packing Cubes

If you’re anything like me, keeping your suitcase or bag well organized is a MUST. If you plan on doing a lot of traveling, purchasing a set of packing cubes will be really useful! You can sort all your clothes, safe space in your bag, and keep your clean clothes separate from your laundry!

A Stylish Travel Wallet

Whether you’re going on an airplane, train, or local bus, it’s important to keep all your documents organized! Having a travel wallet will come in handy! Travel wallets can hold absolutely everything: cash, cards, passports, boarding passes, SIM cards, and anything else you can think of! There are many options and styles for every woman out there. One travel wallet that won’t break the bank is the Zoppen Travel Passport Wallet! They’re super cute, and come in a variety of fun colors!

A Travel Outlet Adaptor

When exploring the world, especially as a solo traveler, ensuring that your devices are fully charged is ESSENTIAL. You never know when you’ll need your phone for taking photos, translation, to take notes, or look up directions for the local transport system! Always pack a travel outlet adaptor in your suitcase! This means that no matter which country you’re in, and what outlet they use, you’ll be able to charge up.

A First Aid Kit

This may seem overrated, but you should never travel without some sort of first aid kit in your bag. The unexpected will always happen while traveling (we’ve all been there), and it’s important to be prepared just in case! In my kit, I always pack my prescription medications, as well as bandaids, gauze, safety pins, antihistamines, disinfectant/ hand sanitizer, a face mask, feminine hygiene products, a water filter pen (such as the SteriPen Ultra), as well as any medications that might be needed for the specific country I’m visiting (such as anti-malaria pills). It’s better to be safe than sorry!

A Cute Journal

Bringing a journal on your trip serves two purposes! First of all, it’s a great place to write down where you went, what you did, and where you ate that day, along with some general comments so you know what you really enjoyed if you ever decide to come back! Plus, once you return home, it becomes an adorable, personalized souvenir of your amazing trip! I like to write in my journal at the end of each day, just to unwind and relax after a day of adventuring. 

A Comfortable Day Backpack

When you’re out exploring during the day, you want a lightweight backpack that will carry all of your daily essentials without weighing you down! A day backpack shouldn’t take up too much space in your suitcase. I would recommend a backpack from brands such as Cotopaxi or Herschel Supply!

A Camera and SD Memory Card

Whether you’re using your cell phone, or a fancy camera, you will definitely want to pack something to capture all the beauty of your adventures. Make sure to pack spare batteries for the camera and a battery charger. Trust me, you won’t want your camera to die during this trip! I always suggest bringing a spare memory card or 2 if you decide to bring a camera. You never want to worry about running out of space while on a trip! 64GB is the perfect amount of storage for a non-professional photographer.

A Bag of Souvenirs From Home

While traveling, you will meet some amazing people! It’s a nice gesture to give them a small souvenir from your home country to remember you by, especially if you’re traveling through more remote countries! This could be something like a postcard or keychain that you can purchase a lot of without breaking the bank, and won't take up too much room in your suitcase!

Now that you’re all packed, it’s time to get out and explore the world! There’s no time like the present to see what the world has to offer. Here at The Adventure Dress, we believe in empowering female travelers through our work with female artisans in Indonesia. Click here to learn more and shop our dresses!

Post written by Demitria Rounis

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