How to Wear, Care, and Pack Your Dress

How do I wear my Adventure Dress?

Whether you're looking for a comfortable travel dress, or a dress you can lounge around in at the beach, The Adventure Dress is here for you.

For those wearing a wrap dress for the first time, here are some easy steps to understand how to tie, wrap, and wear for the perfect fit.

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Step 1: Find the small 1-inch hole located at the waist on the right hand side of the dress (your right hand side when you are wearing the dress).

Step 2: Bring the tie from the left side of the dress underneath the right side of the dress and thread through the hole (from the inside to the outside)

Step 3: Grab both ties and wrap them around the back of your dress

Step 4: Bring the ties together in a bow or a know either in the back or front of your dress (if you like your dress looser tie in the back, if you want a tighter waistband wrap them across your back and bring them back to the front to tie.

How do I care for my dress?

Your dress is made from 100% rayon natural bamboo fabric. We recommend machine washing your dress in cold water and using a light tumble to machine dry. You can also hand wash if you are on the road and do not have access to a machine, but it isn't mandatory.

How do I store & pack my dress with no wrinkles?

Your dress has traveled over 10,000 miles over many days to reach your door. It is packaged tightly and securely to prevent any water damage - thus when you first open your package, it will have creases. Hang up your dress overnight or toss it in a the dryer for a quick tumble, and the creases and wrinkles will disappear. 

When you pack the dress in your suitcase - do not fold, simply ROLL the dress (see how to here from our friends and Travel & Leisure)! You will prevent any wrinkles in your dress & fit many more items in your suitcase.

Visit The Adventure Dress for more tips on how to care for your travel dresses. Please comment any additional questions below, as we want this guide to be a resources for all your questions on how to wear, care, and pack your dress.

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