Introducing the Ubud Adventure Dress Co-Designed with Sydney (@sydneyandavis)

Sydney Hansen wearing the Ubud Adventure Dress

We are so excited to introduce to you the Ubud Adventure Dress codesigned with Sydney (@sydneyandavis and! Sydney and her husband, Davis, are some of our favorite travel influencers to follow. Not only do they share our passion for traveling, but they also share our passion for chasing your dreams and making your own adventures. Whatever they may be! We had the chance to do a little Q&A with Sydney and learn more about their travel lifestyle, the inspiration behind the Ubud Adventure Dress, tips for safely traveling during COVID-19, and more!

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in this travel lifestyle!

Sydney and Davis (@sydneyandavis)

Sydney: It started when I met my husband Davis at university almost 8 years ago now! We got married while still studying in school, then entered the corporate workforce after graduating. After about 5 years I realized that my heart just wasn’t in the work and I had a burning desire to see, do, and experience so much more in life. I decided that I was going to start living a life I was truly passionate about, so I quit my job in 2018 and we bought tickets to a place we had always wanted to go, Brazil.

 At the time, all I knew was that I wanted to have a life full of travel and adventure. I had always loved art and found that it relaxed me, especially when life got crazy! Through traveling, photography has become that creative artistic outlet for me. It is my favorite way to capture the emotion and story of a moment so I can have and remember it for the rest of my life. It was on this crazy adventure to Brazil that @sydneyandavis was born!  

What is the inspiration behind the new Ubud Adventure Dress?

Sydney Hansen wearing the Ubud Adventure Dress

Sydney: Ubud is a sacred city on the island of Bali, and it truly captured our hearts on our first visit over 5 years ago. On that trip that we started to really explore the world of travel and photography. Bali opened our minds to just how big and beautiful this planet really is. 

So to that end, we wanted to create a dress that was stylish enough for photos and also versatile for varying situations, yet still capturing the magic, mystery, and adventure that comes from this enchanting jungle oasis on Bali. The Ubud Adventure Dress is a way to carry this unique piece of Bali with us wherever we go. 

What's your favorite way to wear your Ubud Adventure Dress?

Sydney's favorite way to wear the Ubud Adventure Dress, wearing it as a skirt

Sydney: The dress really is so versatile! It depends on how I am feeling that day, but right now I have been wearing it is a skirt quite a bit. It is perfect for wearing at the beach or pool as a coverup! 

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What is an accessory you simply cannot travel without?

Sydney wearing her favorite travel accessory, a hat

Sydney: Hat. I love my hat. It adds the perfect accent to any clothing combo and can scale up an outfit for going out and exploring a new place! To be honest, I probably bring more hats with me than shoes on trips. 

Where have been some of your biggest challenges in the travel lifestyle and what have you learned along the way?

Sydney Hansen wearing the Ubud Adventure Dress in Death Valley National Park

Sydney: Work-life balance. In pictures, it may seem like we are on an endless vacation, but in reality, we are constantly juggling so many different jobs: new business development, accounting, editing, photoshoots, emails, music production, engaging on social accounts, planning content across multiple platforms, and everything in between.

That said, we have accepted the unconventional hours, and are learning to find pockets of relaxation. We find ourselves at some incredible locations, so we make a point to take some time, even if it's just 30 minutes, to sit and actually enjoy where we are! 

Any tips for the aspiring traveler during COVID-19? 

Sydney Hansen (from @sydneyandavis) wearing the Ubud Adventure Dress as a swim coverup

Sydney: We are definitely entering into a new era of travel, there is no doubt about it. So the best tip I can offer is to ADAPT. If you want to get out on the road, there will be some new rules to follow, but don't let that deter you. So many destinations heavily depend on tourism and are doing everything they can to accommodate the appropriate safety measures. At first, maybe try a road trip somewhere closer to home, so you can test out the water before jumping on a plane to go on a larger trip! 

Where are you now and what's next for you?

Sydney and Davis (@sydneyandavis) at Death Valley National Park

We are in Tulum, Mexico! We will be here for a few weeks then heading back to the US. Fingers crossed we can get on a plane again soon after! Depending on what borders are open to the US, we would like to head to the Asia Pacific area, but we very well could end up doing a road trip along PCH in California! We do have plans for a big 2021 and are optimistic about travel in the future! 

Be sure to follow along with Sydney and Davis’ adventures on their IG account (@sydneyanddavis) and don’t forget to check out their website for travel guides, photo tips, and more!

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