Why the Adventure Dress is the Ultimate Travel Outfit

Imagine you’ve been traveling all day and night. You arrive at your destination practically starved, with little time to spare. Quickly, you check-in to your hotel room, connect to Wi-Fi, and realize to your dismay that the nearby restaurant options are dine-in only. With your nice outfit buried and bunched at the bottom of your carry-on, there is no way to de-wrinkle it in time to go out.

We have all been there! Many of us have experienced the embarrassment of bumbling into town looking as exhausted and worn as we feel with little hope of altering our disheveled appearance.

Girls wearing their Adventure Dresses at Little Sahara

Every woman wants to feel beautiful yet comfortable while roaming the world and shaking hands with new cultures. Every travel-savvy woman in the world looks for cute and convenient, packable outfits so she can worry less about her looks and more about her next big adventure.

Enter the Adventure Dress, the ultimate women’s travel outfit!

Wrinkle Resistant

Whether it’s been wrapped around you for hours through flights and train rides and all, or freshly unrolled from the bottom of your suitcase, this lightweight and versatile dress will still remain wrinkle-free.

What sort of wizardry is this, you ask? Although this travel dress feels quite magical to wear, the explanation is simple. Hand-sewn from sustainably-sourced rayon and designed with breathability in mind, the Adventure Dress is as resilient and ready for the road as you are. Thinking of hitting the beach then dancing the night away in Croatia? Attending a wedding as soon as you step off the plane? The Adventure Dress says, “let’s go.”

When packing, easily roll it up tight into your favorite travel bag. Give it a quick shake when you pull it out. Then, wrap and tie your travel dress comfortably in place. Suddenly, you are set for adventure and bound to turn some heads. In a good way, that is.

Colorful and Classy

Graceful and feminine, the fluttery high-low hemlines and flowy material of our travel dress flatters any woman’s body type. Seriously! It’s made by women for women, so they ought to know!

Not only is the fabric belt adjustable to your comfort level, the sturdy but soft material complements every curve and enhances your confidence in every photo. With so many vibrant patterns to choose from, this bohemian-vibe dress pops against lush green landscapes, deep blue seas, and vast desert dunes.

Finally, that dream of capturing your hair and dress blowing dramatically in the wind is not so far-fetched after all.

Quick Dry

One of the best things about the Adventure Dress is the lightweight but tightly-woven fabric it is made from. In other words, if your travel dress gets wet, not only will it dry in a flash, it also won’t stretch out of shape!

Whether you get caught (romantically or not) in a rainstorm, get pushed into a pool, chase the ocean waves with friends, or just happen to spill your water bottle on a bumpy safari ride, you really can laugh it off and tell the memory later. 

So go ahead, plan that picturesque photoshoot at a nearly untouched waterfall. Forget about hauling along a towel and an extra set of clothes to change into. Simply wear the dress while you hike to get there. Once you reach your destination, pose and splash away without fear of ruining your aesthetic outfit. 

Maybe you’ll even get lucky enough to have a buddy film you while you meander the pathway too, which always makes for an amazing visual story!.

Breathable Design

After exploring and playing hard all day, you won’t have to worry about attempting to freshen up in a sketchy, rural restroom somewhere. The open sleeves of this travel dress allow for adequate airflow, which also prevents congested pores and body odor. Long story short, no pit stains or stink for you! You can raise your arms, pass the food, and give hugs without your comrades having to hold their breath. 

As previously mentioned, the matching fabric belt of this wrap dress is easily adjustable to either cinch uptight or tie loose, whichever way you choose. This convertible option is perfect for when you overdo it on the delicious local cuisine and need to give your waistline just a smidge of breathing room. No judgment, girl. Those extra bites of authentic delicacies are always worth it!


When shopping for travel outfits, one of the main qualities women look for is versatility. They want clothes that are packable (preferably in a carry-on), stylish, and durable. For those who pack their travel bags like a puzzle, an article of clothing doesn’t make the cut if it doesn’t meet all of those requirements.

But what if your itinerary includes a fancy dinner immediately after a day of tromping through a forest? What if your tour guide leads you into a church unexpectedly? In many countries, dressing conservatively is a way of showing respect to a culture, and often the key to deterring unnecessary attention.

Take, for instance, a camel ride and camping excursion into the Moroccan desert, or a visit to a mosque or temple. These are occasions in which a female traveler will want to wear something relaxed and flexible for all sorts of jostling, but modest enough to keep covered and blend in with the cultural standards.

Feminine, comfortable, and presentable, the Adventure Dress combines all of these needs into one outfit so you don’t have to limit your plans when visiting your dream destinations.

Girl wearing The Adventure Dress on her Silk Road trip

Affordable Travel Dress

While it is arguable that investing in quality items you will use repeatedly is worth every penny, a great many of us still try to keep to a budget.

Thankfully, the Adventure Dress doesn’t make you choose between quality and expense. You can feel like the radiant bombshell you are at all times for a reasonable price!

Besides, with sustainable impact in mind, every purchase of a unique and handmade dress provides business opportunities for female artisans around the world.

Once you say yes to this travel dress, you’ll be planning trips just for an excuse to wear it again and again!

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