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You are a Traveler, you love to adventure. You explore because the world matters to you, and you want to discover it. You truly connect to the places you visit and fall in love with the local people around you. Adventure is not just a place to you, it’s a mindset, and it’s a lifestyle.

As women we are connected, no matter where we live, what we look like, what job we have, or lifestyle we live. And as women it’s our mission to empower every other woman out there.

Introducing the Adventure Dress. Made by Women for Women.

I’ve spent years on the road, and have perfected my packing routine, understanding what to bring and what to leave behind. And because I’m often documenting my adventures, it’s important that I have something comfortable yet cute.

Collaborating with talented women on the Island of Bali, Indonesia - I decided to create the Adventure Travel Dress, a practical and cute solution to a problem we all have - what to wear while on the road. This dress is meant to empower women across the globe. From the Design, to the Fabric, to the Stitching, to the women who wear it… we leave no one behind.

Why is it the Perfect Travel Dress?

  • It’s Lightweight. It's easy to pack, weights less than ¼ lb in you suitcase
  • It’s Wrinkle Free. After 24 hours , just pull it out and wear it.
  • It has Open Sleeves to help with odor and prevent sweating.
  • It’s a Wrap Style, wear it tight or loose, however you need and if you change size for some reason, you won’t need a new one.
  • It perfect layered length. Shorter in the front and longer in the back for both style and comfort.
  • It Dries Quickly. Wear from the beach into the city to the mountains.
  • It’s Versatile. Wear it to a wedding, to the Beach, to church, hiking a mountain, on the airplane, and even to bed.
  • It’s made for Photos and It’s Made for Adventure. After testing hundreds of dresses, this dress won’t disappoint.

One Dress purchased, means one female artisan supported for an entire day with a sustainable, creative, and high quality job. Oh and did we mention it’s made from Rayon, a sustainably sourced natural fiber (most often Bamboo) and  is 100% biodegradable. It’s a dress made by women for women, and is fit for any adventure.

Why did we make it? It’s simple, to connect women around the world and make packing fun again.

Where will adventure take you? With the adventure dress, your options are limitless. #MyAdventureDress

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