Creamy White Classic Adventure Dress

Creamy White Classic Adventure Dress

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*This is a Pre-Order, dresses are Artisan Made in Indonesia & take 6-12 weeks to design, create, & ship directly to your doorstep! It's an adventure you don't want to miss out on, and we will keep you informed every step of the way!

Made from female artisans in Indonesia. These dresses are called the Adventure Dress because they take up no space in suitcases and are so comfortable that you can wear them 24+ hours on an airplane!

The fabric is light, soft, and wrinkle-resistant (please follow our care + packing guidelines to minimize wrinkles & creases). They come in so many beautiful colors and patterns and can be worn on both formal and casual occasions. Long length, flowy sleeves, and wrap style. Everything you want and need in a dress! 

Where will Your Adventure Take You? Watch Video

Dress Fabric, Sizing, and Details:

Material: 100% Soft Rayon Voile Fabric

Models are 5'2 to 5'10; They are wrap dresses with a midi length that fits both petite & tall travelers; each dress is handmade by Artisans in Indonesia. 

If you have a larger bust, hip, or rear area, we recommend sizing up. More fabric is better than less with a wrap dress!


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